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With 20 years as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and even more experience in the fitness industry I've seen a lot of weird stuff and even more bullshit.
I'm here to bridge the gap between evidence and bro science. Weeding through the B.S. and making the science make sense so you can use it in the real world.

You don't need to be a scientist for the science to work for you.  
Your success really depends on how you apply the science to yourself and goals.

Please never hesitate to reach out, ask a question or hop on a call for a consult or to set up coaching.  Let's get you to your goals... without all the B.S.

Using basic, time tested training principals to enhance performance and ability coupled with no B.S. nutritional support, you can get the body you want, the performance you're striving for and enjoy the process while achieving your goals. 

Stop wasting your time with the B.S.  

Karly Almon

Jessica T.  WY

"Karly was such a breath of fresh air to work with.  I've had coaches in the past who were extremely rigid in their approach to fitness and made the process of getting to my goals extremely unenjoyable.  But Karly's approach is sustainable, fun, eye opening and enjoyable. I'll continue working with her for as long as possible."

Morgan J. WA

"I had 100lbs to lose when I started working with Karly.  I'm half way to my goal already and feel like it's been much easier than any other time I've tried. And I feel like this time I'll be able to keep off what I have lost"  

Kasey M. WA

"I started working with Karly for a bikini competition I wanted to do and have kept going because it's been a fun process. Not only did she program my workouts but she worked with me on nutrition and positing for my show.  She definitely goes above and beyond."


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