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3 Things To Do RIGHT NOW

3 things you can do RIGHT NOW to set your path of getting in shape.

Let’s admit it – whether you’re trying to get shredded and bikini ready or trying to build up some muscle during an off season, we all get off track, we all have tough days, we all need a little shove once in a while.

So, here’s three small things you can do, when you need your mini kick in that ass:

1.DRINK YOU WATER FOOL! It’s simple. It’s necessary and it will probably set you on a good path for the rest of the day to hit those macros, move a little more or just feel better. Water is necessary for life. You’re alive, right? So why are you not drinking more? Most of my clients, with the simple act of drinking more water a day, feel better in general, feel like they have a “healthy” goal and that translates to better decisions for the rest of the day.

2. CHANGE THE NARRATIVE IN YOUR NOGGIN. Yes, it can be that simple. Telling yourself you’re ready. Telling yourself you will. Telling yourself you want. Those are just thoughts and internal dialogue. Try this instead: You ARE. You get too. Commit to yourself and you’ll get past the sticking point. But if you tiptoe around the inevitable, it’s always inevitable and pretty soon it becomes past the sticking point to the “oh fuck, what did I do” point. You will. You can. You ARE.

3. ONE LESS. That’s it. One less bad thought. One less glass of wine/beer a night. One less excuse. It’s pretty simple actually. You don’t even have to do more. Just do ‘one less’.

We over complicate things in our daily lives to get to a goal that seems so out of reach because we feel we have to do so much more, but sometimes, it’s about doing a little less. About changing your internal processes. By doing three things ( and they can change based on how you feel doing them time and time again), you can change the entire day and maybe even shift that one day into an entire year and more.

Three habits that can launch you into a whole new ending.

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