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How Do You Keep On Track When Traveling

I’m currently sitting on a couch in an Airbnb in Washington DC. I came over for 5 days to attend conferences with my certifying body, the National Strength & Conditioning Association. I decided to stay in an Airbnb for a few reasons:

It has a kitchen and amenities. Hotels don’t all have microwaves, refrigerators or even coffee in room anymore. This can be frustrating when you are staying for a few days or more. We’re lucky these days to have companies like Airbnb, UberEats, AmazonFresh, etc. I chose the air bnb that would cause me to walk to the event, 4 miles round trip. I can cook my own meals and have room to do a little workout if I can’t get to the gym (which I haven’t because I haven’t felt like it after the days activities).

I brought a band to use in case I didn’t go to the gym. Coming up with a flow of exercises, high repetitions and quick turn arounds will be super helpful when you can’t get to the gym. The band is so easy to fit in your bag and the number of exercises possible are truly endless with one of these bands.

Some more tips for you while traveling:

DRINK A TON OF WATER. Especially on travel days. Yes, you’ll have to pee on the plan or stop for a pit stop, but trust me, you’ll be so glad you drank so much water. You’ll have less water retention, feel less lethargic and just generally not feel so gross.

Keep it SIMPLE! Lean, easy to make proteins like ready cooked and ready to eat chicken breast. Lots of pre cut veggies to eat raw, or sautée, etc Think sandwiches, soups, salads. Easy, not a lot of ingredients needed and yummy.

MOVE. Walk where you can. Get in some sit ups, push ups, squats. Just move more.

Don’t gorge just because you’re out. Believe me, I LOVE experiencing new foods when I travel. I love drinking when I travel. Mostly because I don’t get to do it all that often. But remember, this is just a moment in time. Tomorrow you won’t remember what last night’s dinner tasted like. So enjoy it in the moment, be done and move on.

  1. Make arrangements that support your goals (accommodations, foods, etc)

  2. Bring small equipment that can help you stay ‘active’ in travel


  4. Keep everything simple

  5. Enjoy your time, enjoy your moment, move on.

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