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Women and Benching

“I don’t train chest because I have implants. I don’t have to.”


Heard this from a well known coach while asking about implants, before I had them, and how they may affect my bench press training, this is what she told me.

I was floored. Many have implants. Many don’t. That’s not the point.

My point is this:

If you’re not training your chest, Ladies. You’re missing out on

  1. Badassness

  2. A well rounded physique.

I get complimented more often on the muscle in my chest than the implants in there – most people have no idea I have implants. They don’t make your chest, they enhance it.

Implants do NOT give you a ‘fit’ chest. They give you boobs.

BIG DIFFERENCE. If you want that athletic, strong female physique, building your chest is a great way to add to it.

First of all, bench press is a total body lift. Don’t believe me? Watch someone know benches regularly – they are using their legs to drive that weight up, using their abs / core to increase power output through intra abdominal pressure, shoulders/triceps/pecs. More goes into pushing a weight off your chest than just your pectorals.

Secondly, a muscular chest (you’ll NEVER have a chest like a man unless you’re taking testosterone and other exogenous hormones, etc), is a sign of hard work, dedication and caring for your body. Simply put, it means you’re a well rounded lifter. Kudos to you!

If you’re not training chest, you should, Ladies.

Benching with implants? It’s totally ok. Some will advise against it because they don’t want the implants to move. But if you’re healed and doctor has given the green light to train, there is really no physiological reason why you can’t train with them in. They move within the pockets (under the muscle) which can feel and look weird but it’s not a big deal and no one ever notices.

If you’re relying on implants to give you a fit looking upper body, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Do some benching, do some dumbbell work, pushups, whatever you like. You’ll be happy you did.

For tips on your current bench or if you’re unsure about starting, shoot me a message. I’m happy to answer any questions you have about benching!

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