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Personal Training

Personal Training will give the client one on one time with the trainer.  This time can be spent however the client & trainer see fit. Personalized workouts & meal plans/nutrition programming, undivided attention and answering your questions.  


Remote Coaching

An alternative for those who are self starting, may not have a schedule that will accommodate personal training or who do not need the constant attention during workouts from a coach.  Whether you are local or across the country, remote coaching delivers a lot of bang for your buck.  Included:  consultation to ensure we are a good fit and to address any health concerns, goals, health history, abilities, current habits, etc.  You will be given a monthly personalized program with video and modifications if necessary.  Once a week check ins.  Unlimited video analysis of your lifts and unlimited text and email communication.  

Can be tailored for only nutrition, only workouts or both. 


Group Training 

Seasonal Training outside with up to 15 clients per session.  Varying from general strength & conditioning workouts to sports prep to workouts just for the moms.  Please call for current schedule and pricing.


Contest Prep

All levels of contest prep for women's bikini & figure competitors as well as  men's physique and classic physique.  Preferably 20 week prep phases.  Includes individualized meal plan or macro programming tailored to your preferences and needs, workouts as well as prep week and post stage plan.  Weekly check ins and unlimited communication with your coach. 

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